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Investor Guide

Buying gold with us couldn’t be simpler, all you will need to do is open your personal account with us on our website. Then you can begin buying! With our easy to navigate shopping cart, you will purchase your gold and be checked out in just a few minutes.

What to consider when buying gold bars?

You have to consider these two important factors:

  1. How long you want to invest it for.
  2. What size and denomination of unit that you wish to buy.

The larger size gold bars is, the better the value of the gold bar is when you are purchasing. Generally, Smaller units such as 10g-20g 1oz, 50g and 100g bars offer far more flexibility when it comes to resale. Buying small units of investment bars makes it easier for you to sell in parts. This is generally a more effective way of getting a maximum return on investments.

If you buy 100g x 10, it is easy to sell 200g out of 1000g . Than buy 1000g (eg 1kg bar), which will here be sold as 1 unit.

For any individuals who are looking to invest large amounts of money in gold, it is best to buy 500g to 1kg bars for a maximum return on your investment. It also offers further savings as the unit price is reduced when you buy more than one due to the lower cost incurred by the bullion dealer.
At Bulish Gold, we don’t believe in buying gold, just for the purpose of saving for a ‘rainy day’.

We believe that gold is a powerful tool that you can use to create wealth for yourself .

So be ‘Bulish’ and take a bold step to start creating that wealth , one bar at a time