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About Us

Bulish Gold offers a completely new and unique approach to purchasing and selling Gold Bullion products. From the established gold bars, to other gold products, you can find it all here at Bulish Gold.  Our unique business model is built with the importance of clear pricing of all of our products. What you see on the ‘Buy Now’ price is what you pay, no hidden fees. We specialise in building strong and continuous relationships with our valued clients, providing the best customer service for purchasing gold anywhere. We know our clients, and they have built trust with us.

We believe in make gold buying accessible to anybody, regardless of their class or status in society. Everybody who buys from us, receives the full, 24 carat gold service; as we like to call it.

We keep in constant contact with our valued clients, providing them with regular updates about how gold prices are doing on the world market, which will give you good indications whether to buy or sell.

Our soon to be launched Jewellery range is of the very highest quality. If you are interested in our Gold products, feel free to contact us for your every gold design you desire, or for all your 18 carat gold bracelets, earrings, pendants, and necklaces. We can even on request make bespoke jewellery for you.

Our love for gold investments started over ten years ago, when the global markets declined. Our detailed approach was based around how to trade as safe as possible in the gold market, turning gold trading into a safe place to invest in. Our simple and tailored strategy has worked over the years, and with Bulish Gold, we aim to extend our expertise to you.

Bulish Gold specialise in supplying gold bars and coins to national and international clients.

All of our products are LBMA approved.